• In 1947, a group of photography trade associates foreseen that the photographic trade should be organized for the objective of making friendly contact and exchange “photographic and business” techniques between professionals. As a result, the “Chinese Photographic Studio Proprietors Association” was established.
  • In 1950, another group of professional trade associates with a common photography interest founded the “Singapore Photographic Research Society”. Subsequently, these two associations merged and formed the “Singapore Photographic Trade Association” in 1960.
  • Since its inauguration, SPDA is the only official industry trade Association recognized for its photographic and digital imaging technologies in Singapore.
  • SPDA members include owners of photo studios, commercial photography services, photographic lighting and equipment suppliers and retailers, color photo laboratories and other accessories associated to the photographic trade etc.
  • SPDA members have over three hundred photo laboratories and professional photo studios cum more than 30 of photographic equipment & material suppliers and other related businesses in Singapore.