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In 1947, a group of trade associates foresaw that the photographic trade should be more organized for the goal of making friendly contact and exchange techniques between professionals. As a result, the “Chinese Photographic Studio Proprietors Association” was formed. In 1950, another group of trade associates with a common ideal drew up plans and founded the “Singapore Photographic Research Society”. Subsequently, these two associations merged and was named “Singapore Photographic Trade Association” in 1960.

Who we are

The Singapore Photographic & Digital Imaging Trade Association is a special organization of Singapore.

Its members includes owners of photo studios and their employees, photographic equipment wholesalers and retailers, color photo laboratories and agency, and a lots of others related to the photographic trade. The association is currenly thriving with over three hundred photo laboratories, a good number of professional photo studios, more then 30 of equipment/materials suppliers and other related businesses.

What we do

The association is well positioned to serve as a bridge to the new technology and techniques of the industry. From digital capture, conversion, manipulation, enhancement and output, no area is left uncovered. While not exactly in its infancy, digital photography is still not fully understood and efficiently harnessed by the general public and to certain extents the professionals in the field.

The association is also an ideal place for professionals in the industry to network, find collaborators, and exchange pointers with each other.


Since its inception, the Singapore Photographic & Digital Imaging Trade Association has progressed from an independant association in 1960 to a government-recognized trade association.

Moving Forward

The association will continue to be the focal point - the facilitator that brings the photographic industry to the next frontier. Through an entity representing an industry that permeates everyday life, lots of value can added to both consumers and service providers. All that is needed is the will and the conviction to get thing going.

Our Mission
we strive for the good of the community

The Mission

We work hard to add value to our SPDA members, with benefits and to help all our members' business efficiently and profitably. At the same time, we strive to promote the growth of the imaging industry!


专注于数碼攝影企业的需求, 为企业提供深层次专业的服务, 让企业的优良形象出现在消费者现场, 改善并提我会会員们企业在社会形象, 是我们商会的理想和愿望。 証明我们的实力 实幹的精神。

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